Hello everyone! 
          I hope that everyone is enjoying the rain that were getting today! This is just AWESOME for all the plants! And it saves me lots of time that i usually spend watering in the evening! 
      Our replacement stainless steel boarding cage is traveling in our direction now! Cant wait for it to arrive so that all cage banks are complete! 
   We did get the water line moved from the inside of the new door that was just installed in the indoor boarding room! Next  is for me to figure out what kind of steps i want outside so then i can use the door!  Ohhhh and i have to revamp the flower bed that i made in front of the door too..... Lots of retaining wall blocks to move.... 
      We have increased our boarding capacity by adding three new heavy duty welded cages for outside! I will be needing to get so e more flat pavers deliverd and retaining wall block so that i can complete the area with flower beds around the new pens!
     Also! If weather is permitable ... We will be installing a 20' x 36" tinhorn just out side the entrance gate to the property this weekend! This should take care of the drainage problem with the rushing water that flows during heavy rains....
      Ok, thats all for now.... I hope everyone has a GREAT day!  huggs to all!



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