NOTE- Prices will vary with pets condition & temperment


Because EVERY dog has different grooming needs...  The pet MUST be seen before im able to give you a price.... Please call and make an appointment for me to look at your fur babies and visit so we can see whats BEST for YOU and your special pet!







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Hello! Im Camelia and I'd like to Welcome you to come visit us here at Backwoods Pampered Pets! Wether you're looking at one of our babies to add to your family or your baby needs some tender loving care in our grooming shop and/or boarding facility, We would LOVE the opportunity to show the difference of what we have to offer! SO, What are you waiting for? Call and let us help you take care of your four legged babies!

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PLEASE NOTE: We are not a 9 to 5 store, so please call to make an appointment as not to waste your time or ours. Thank You

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